Success isn't in your plan if you don't plan for succession.

All too often, companies don't effectively plan for the "what ifs." What if the CEO decides to retire unexpectedly? What if the head of a certain department decides to take a job with another company? What if we move one department head to another area - who will step into the now-empty shoes?

Not planning for these situations ahead of time translates into lost productivity and higher costs for your company. On the other hand, effective succession planning ensures the continuity of leadership and the effective use of your talent pool. In addition, it helps make sure that business goals and strategies are met on the Human Resources level, thus helping your organization better meet the future.

So don't put off contacting Deborah and asking her to evaluate your current succession planning (or lack thereof).

After this assessment, Deborah can help you by designing and then implementing your succession planning program. She can also help you find the best potential candidates through the use of assessment instructions. Additionally, she can help you develop your people by providing workshops in leadership development and communication skills.